Our Beginning

Page50 was founded in March of 2018 as a side-hustle wedding videography company named MCA Studio. After getting a handful of wedding contracts, we were subbed out by an out-of-town marketing agency for a project in a nearby major metro.

While shooting, we realized that we could bring the much needed service of marketing to our home parish to help bolster our local economy, meet the needs of local businesses, and begin to shine a positive light in St. Landry Parish.

What’s with the name?

At Page50 we are all about legacy. It’s not about what we can gain, but about what we can leave behind, and that’s exactly what our name means.

Our original company name, MCA Studio, was the name of our founder’s three (at the time) children. With the birth of his fourth, rather than traumatize the latest addition, he opted to change the name of the business.

Around the same time a trend of writing bucket-lists became popular, but rather than write a list of what we wanted to do before we die, we wrote a list of what we want to leave behind:

That list was written on page 50 of our bullet journal, and the rest is history.

Everything we do as a company, hinges on that list.

Where are we today?

To date we have worked on and executed hundreds of media projects and contracts for large corporations and small businesses, we’ve hired additional staff and contractors, and we work closely with local organizations that further grow and develop our local community for the better.